Gospel-Centered: In a city where both legalism and liberality are dominant, The Gathering Place seeks to be a Gospel-centered church which proclaims that God's grace and truth are truly liberating and contribute to transformation, renewal and revival in our city.

Deep Discipleship: Our proclamation of the Gospel should lead to deep Christ-like transformations through a discipleship based in the Gospel, empowered by the Spirit, and rooted in community (Acts 2:41-47).

Boundary-Breaking Fellowship: At The Gathering Place fellowship across differences are an an essential part of our Gospel witness. the human need for fellowship and community is an essential part of how we were created. The Gathering Place recognizes that our city is increasingly diverse and multi-ethnic. We seek to mirror the diversity of our city with a heart for justice and mercy.  At the heart of the Gospel is a reconciled people from every tribe, nation and tongue (Rev. 7:9).  Our proclamation of Gospel unity is based in God's love and justice for all humankind. 

Missional minded: The Gathering Place is always planning and working toward reaching others locally and globally. In addition, we maintain a global vision that supports both domestic and international missional efforts  and church-planting efforts (Mt 28:16).

Service: In all areas of our city, there is a need for ministries of compassion and justice.  The great diversity of our cities culturally, economically, and racially demand that The Gathering Place focus on a Gospel-centered response that leads to salvation and renewal with a heart for justice and mercy.

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